Elect Spence F. Burton

Implement a real solution to flooding! Petaluma Plaza cannot sustain repeated flooding, and the most vulnerable in our community, our Senior Citizens living in many of our Mobile Home Parks, are still at constant risk for future flooding!

Why do our children have to wait until they are adults before we build new ball fields? A childhood lost can never be recovered! We are losing more fields than we are replacing. Sports and the Arts must be actively supported!

I will support and encourage smart and responsible growth in the central core, and within the Urban Growth Boundary! I will support affordable housing for those with moderate incomes, and I support the adoption of a Living Wage.


Talk is Cheap! Why will Rainier be a campaign issue AGAIN? I will work on creative ways to improve traffic in town! New developments (residential & commercial) MUST be designed to depend less on the East Washington corridor.

Build and really maintain our infrastructure to keep up with our ongoing growth! In short, Pave Our Streets! Less talk and more ACTION! Do we have to wait until the election period every two years for anything to get done?



GROWTH and Our Community



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