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If you want to learn more about me you can visit some of my other WebPages that I voluntarily manage for various groups, etc.

My Main Personal Webpage:  http://SpenceBurton.com

My Our Petaluma! Webpage:  http://OurPetaluma.com

The Sonoma County Genealogical Society:  http://scgs.org

National Sicilian American Foundation:  http://nsaf.net

California State Assn. of Letter Carriers:  http://csalc.org

Golden Gate 214, NALC: http://nalc214.org

My 2004 Campaign:  http://spenceburton.org/index2004.html

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Committee to Elect

Spence F. Burton

FPPC #: 1283562

P. O. Box 5522

Petaluma, CA 94955-5522


Phone: 707-763-9082

E-mail: ElectSpence@spenceburton.org

Labor Day Weekend 2006 marked the 30th Anniversary of our move to Westridge in Petaluma!

Petaluma City Council





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