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In the last local election some candidates raised over $50,000!  All this for a City Council position that pays $5 per meeting attended.  Most of these candidates raised large sums of money from special interest groups with deep pockets!  They avoided maximum campaign contribution limits by having multiple members of a family or a large business each contribute the maximum amounts allowed.  Individual concerned citizens, (and many smaller local businesses) on limited budgets, had their contributions overwhelmed by these outside special interests.  We can’t let this happen to us and OUR CITY again!
I will continue to fight for a CLEAN MONEY political system that all of us can be proud of in the future.  A good elected or appointed representative of the people should be the People’s Megaphone, and not a megaphone to be used to expand their individual wallets or the political parties of that candidate! Petaluma First!
As I pledged and did in 2004, I will continue to adhere to the new Petaluma Campaign Finance Reform Initiative which I strongly supported in 2004: I will NOT accept contributions over $200, and I will publicly disclose all contributions of $25 or more. If you can spare even a few dollars to help me pay for my expenses of trying to reach everyone, I promise to make your every dollar count! Together we can make Petaluma an even BETTER place to live and work!
Individual contributions to any single Council or Mayoral Candidate are limited to $200 per person, for each election cycle.  Any and ALL contributions to my campaign are greatly appreciated.  A single mailing to all the voters in Petaluma can easily cost over $10,000.  Flyers/handouts, signs, ballot statements, etc., are just some of the costs associated with my campaign.  As a retiree, I will rely heavily on  all of you for your financial assistance. I will make not outlandish promises (like some professional politicians) but I will promise to always try to do my Very Best in representing everyone in Petaluma, and to always place Petaluma First in all my decisions! Decisions based on the facts and made with the Heart, not the wallet, should be the norm in Our Petaluma!  Please help me make it that way for the generations to come!
To contribute financially to my campaign you can:
Email or call me and ask that I mail you a pre-printed contribution envelope.
Send me your individual check, made out to the 
Committee to Elect Spence F. Burton,
FPPC#: 1283562
P. O. Box 5522
Petaluma, CA 94955-5522
for up to $200,with the following mandatory information enclosed:  
	FULL HOME ADDRESS:  Number; Street; City;  State;  ZIP
	OCCUPATION (or Retired if appropriate)
	EMPLOYER’S NAME (Address optional)
Although NOT required, the following information will be useful!
Home Phone Number	Work Phone Number		E-Mail Address	
CLICK HERE for a short form you can complete then mail with your check to: Committee to Elect Spence F. Burton
FPPC#: 1283562
P. O. Box 5522
Petaluma, CA 94955-5522







for a short form you can complete (with the legally required information) and then mail with your contribution/check

to the:


Committee to Elect Spence F. Burton
FPPC#: 1283562
P. O. Box 5522
Petaluma, CA 94955-5522