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Time for "Real" Change!

Don't settle for "Small Change"
We MUST do Better!

With only ONE elected incumbent running for re-election this year (three seats will be filled), the time is RIGHT for "Real Change in Petaluma!"

Want to Help?

If you can place a lawn sign in front of your home in an active location, a small sign in your window, or if you will walk around your neighborhood handing out my literature, please contact me! Of course I will continue to adhere to the Petaluma Campaign Finance Reform Initiative whick I strongly supported in 2004: I will NOT accept contributions over $200, and I will disclose all contributions of $25 or more. If you can spare even a few dollars to help me pay for the expenses trying to reach everyone, I promise to make your every dollar count! Together we can make Petaluma an even BETTER place to live and work!

Please help me be your VOICE in City Hall! CLICK HERE
to contribute, volunteer, get additional information, etc.!

With any contribution, please make sure you enclose your name, address, occupation and employer if appropriate (required by regulation/law.)

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Text Box: I am a member of the
Petaluma Planning Commission
and a candidate for the 
Petaluma City Council 

 A Childhood lost can never be Recovered!

Better means more parks, fields, & services for our youth ~ less incentive to join gangs. 
Better “teamwork” to resolve our problems! Less confrontation — More ACTION!

Better use of our limited water resources!

Better means expanded Emergency Services!

Better Flood Plain management!

Better means a locally sustainable economy and a reduction in our carbon footprint!

Together we can make Petaluma an even
Better place for all of us!
Yes, you CAN make a difference!
Please Vote for me on
November 4th
Text Box: Soy candidato para
el Concejo Municipal de Petaluma porque yo creo firmemente que 

¡Podemos Hacer Mejor!

¡Una niñez perdida no se puede recuperar! 

¡Mejor significa más parques, campos, y servicios para nuestra juventud!     

¡Mejor significa más guarderías infanitiles! 

¡Mejores calles!

¡Mejor contabilidad de los Fondos Municipales! 

¡Mejor circulación!¡Resolvamos el embotellamiento de tráfico! 

¡Mejor significa estar orgullosos de nuestra herencia! 

¡Juntos podemos hacer a Petaluma un lugar aún Mejor para todos nosotros!
¡Ud. Puede hacer una diferencia!
Por favor Vote por mí
el 4 de noviembre