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Two good reasons to elect me to be your VOICE on the Petaluma City Council.

Spence & Cathy Burton
My Wife Cathy and I

Check out my LINKs below to find out more about me, my positions on the issues, etc., and my vision for the future of Petaluma!

The Campaign Money Trail

Have you ever wondered who contributes money, and how much, to all the candidates in our Local Elections?

The City of Petaluma posts copies of "actual candidate financial reports" on its Official Webpage.


To go to the actual City of Petaluma Webpage,
then click on the various FORM 460s for each candidate.
Begin with the latest date (which has the annual totals) and work your way backwards to see totals for the entire election cycle for some incumbents and candidates.  You may be surprised at how much actual "developer related contributions" are accepted by some candidates. Look how much "out of town" money is being contributed (of course one incumbent Councilmember somehow keeps the city where the contributor lives/works off of the Petaluma Webpage... ask him or the City "WHY" he is so special and can HIDE this information from the voters)! Check out the business names, and then the multiple employees/owners of the same business all contributing up to $500 EACH (up to $200 each after the November, 2004 election due to the passage of local campaign reform)!

The Latest Updates as of 10/28/04

*** Total Amounts Raised by the 5 Candidates for this Election ***
(These figures are from an Oct. 30th Press Democrat Article except as noted below.)
(Salary for a Council Member is: $5 per meeting.  -- There are approx. 28,000 voters in Petaluma.)
Don't let "Slick"and misleading mailings "Confuse You!"
I will work for the betterment of ALL Petalumans,
NOT for the Special Interest Groups!

Spence F. Burton
Karen Nau
Mike O'Brien
Cindy Thomas
Pam Torliatt
* Includes late filing of additional funds raised through 11/1/04
** Form 460 data used since there is a conflict between PD and online totals.

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Here is a Partial List of Links to help you find out more about me and my candidacy.

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to go to a list of video snippets of me being interviewed and my positions

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to view my Personal Webpage and to learn a little more about me and my history.

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to view Associations and Groups I am a member of currently.

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to view my "League of Women Voters" -- "" webpage.
It contains some of my positions, my vision for Petaluma, my biography etc.

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to view my un-edited positions and extensive responses to the Argus-Courier Questionnaire!

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to view a list of Press Democrat Articles on the Petaluma City Council Election.

Councilman Mike O'Brien, has raised $72,466 through Oct. 28th for his re-election bid.

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to go to the Petaluma Argus-Courier site, then search for Spence Burton for articles.
(Please note that as time passes, some of these article may no longer be available online.)

Here are some Direct Links:

#1 -- Moynihan explains decision not to run, 8/18/04
#2 -- Council candidates readying for fall race, 9/1/2004
#3 -- City Council candidates at a glance, 9/1/2004
#4 -- Candidates sound off on traffic, street repair, 9/15/04
#5 -- Candidates highlight downtown, retail growth, 9/22/04
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#7 -- Budget cuts, controversial Council decisions, 10/6/04
#8 -- Candidates on: parks, water, housing, flooding, 10/13/04
#9 -- Candidates have ideas, visions for Petaluma, 10/20/2004

I need your help to reach everyone. If you can place a lawn sign in front of your home in an active location, a small sign in your window, or if you will walk around your neighborhood handing out my literature, please contact me! I am the only candidate to Pledge to adhere to the new proposed Petaluma Campaign Finance Reform Initiative on November’s ballot for this election.  I will NOT accept contributions over $200, and I will disclose all contributions over $25. If you can spare even a few dollars to help me pay for my expenses trying to reach everyone, I promise to make your every dollar count!

 Please help me be your VOICE in City Hall!

         Contributions can be sent to:           

Committee to Elect Spence F. Burton, FPPC#:
P. O. Box 5522
Petaluma, CA 94955-5522

CLICK HERE to view my FPPC financial disclosure information (Form 460, 1/1/04 - 10/15/04)
Itemized Contributions and Expenses.

CLICK HERE to view my FPPC financial disclosure information (Form 460, 10/16/04 - 10/28/04)
Itemized Contributions and Expenses.

CLICK HERE to volunteer, get additional information, etc.!

(or email me at:

With any contribution, please make sure you enclose your name, address, occupation and employer if appropriate (required by regulation/law.)

The following is a partial list of key endorsements I received in 2004:

National Assn. of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO North Coast Local 183;
National Assn. of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO Golden Gate Local 214;
SEIU Local 707, AFL-CIO;
Shoreline Chapter 304 CSEA, AFL-CIO;
Shoreline Education Assn.
Angela Bellante, Retired Teacher & Librarian
Janice Cader-Thompson, Former Petaluma Council Member
Matt Maguire, Former Petaluma Council Member
Maria Luisa Oceguera, Hispanic Community Leader
Stephen Rosenthal, Superintendent, Shoreline Unified School District
Victor Thuesen, Esq., Petaluma Attorney, Vice President SCBA
Joseph C. Tinney, Esq., Petaluma Attorney
Clairette C. Wilson, Marin County Board of Education

If you want to be added to this growing list,
email me!

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