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Learn more about me, my life and my background. Including information on one of my ancestors who fought proudly in the Revolutionary War, and more.

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My 2006 Campaign Web Site

Here you’ll find more of my positions on issues not listed elsewhere in my 2008 site. Also, you can see a list of supporters from 2006.

Yes on Q!

The Official Web site of the Yes on Q campaign. The Smart Train and bike and pedestrian proposition.

“NO on K!”

The Argus Courier’s Recommendation.

The plant is almost finished! We can’t afford to pass this proposal! It could cost us an additional 8 Million dollars our city cannot afford, and it could lead the city into bankruptcy! Can we save money? YES! But first we have to defeat this proposal, then (if I am elected) we can look at ways to cut costs and protect those on fixed incomes!

To Contact Me:

Committee to Elect Spence F. Burton

P. O. Box 5522

Petaluma, CA 94955-5522


Phone: 707-763-9082


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Elect Spence F. Burton, Small window poster

Download and Print a small poster that you can place in your home or car window! (in adobe .pdf format)

My photo that can be used in press reports.

If you are a member of the press and/or you need a “high resolution” color photo of me. Do you need a black and white or an even higher resolution, email me at:

My “Smart Voter” Web site
Hosted by the League of Women voters.



Sonoma County Registrar of Voters

Information on local voting locations, etc.

My YouTube Presentation

A brief PowerPoint type presentation about my campaign.