We are seriously in the hole, despite warnings earlier in the year about potential shortfalls. We must defeat Measure K (or we will be further in the hole) and better plan for our future! The economy will be down for 1-3 years at best, and we need to plan accordingly. It’s vital we prioritize EVERYTHING!

4 to 12 Million Dollar City Budget Deficit — Over 25 employees already laid off!                

One area where we should not cut significantly is youth activities! If we fail to provide wholesome activities for our children, they will look elsewhere to keep themselves occupied… It is cheaper to prevent gang violence than it is to put our children in jail! They deserve the best we can provide! Let’s build the parks!

East Washington Park — Ball Fields — Youth Recreational Activities

With our aging community, we MUST expand our emergency services. We can’t afford to have one of our two ambulances out of the City for hours transporting someone, when we need them here in the event of life threatening occurrences! We MUST find a solution!

Expanded Emergency Services

Text Box: Another candidate recently took up my proposal, and I hope they all do! If we can have a system all over this state where businesses and service groups can “Adopt a Highway,” (for maintenance purposes, etc.) then I think we should do the same with our local parks and open areas! Working together is the answer!

Adopt a Park

If Measure K is approved, we will be forced to make MASSIVE cuts in ALL departments including Police and Fire Protection! We can’t afford to approve this measure, BUT we must find ways to cut the cost so that those on fixed incomes are protected! I will push for a full review of ways to cut our future bills!

No on K

With the drastic economic crises we are all facing, we MUST elect people who can work together to find real solutions to our problems. As a Fiscal Conservative (just look at how I spend money running this campaign), and as someone who has been professionally trained on Consensus building, I can hit the ground running in January working with the entire Council to reach fair and honest budget decisions.

Teamwork and Consensus Building


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