Elect Spence F. Burton

Spence  with his wife Cathy.

Petaluma City Council

The Future is in Your Hands!

We Must Do Better!

· Will we continue to lose more parks than we gain?

· Will our traffic just keep getting worse with more development compounding the problem?

· Will we continue to allow outside development money to “buy” local elections?

· Do you want honest representatives who will make decisions based on what is BEST for Petaluma?

I believe we all do!
If elected, I promise to give OUR town a “gentle shove” in the RIGHT DIRECTION!

We have seen what this Council Majority, and some of their appointees on the Planning Commission and SPARC, can do to us, and Our City. Whether it is the unnecessary increase in our Garbage rates, due to the lack of action and extensive delays of the Council Majority in 2005, or the political gamesmanship of this same group who stripped Councilwoman Torliatt of most of her Committee appointments, etc.! 

We must elect responsive, honest individuals in November, those who put Petaluma First!

Indeed the Future of Petaluma is at stake this year! 

Together we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in making Petaluma an even Better Place for us and future generations to: live, work and play!

Please join with me to reach everyone in Petaluma with our message for a Better Petaluma!



Comcast CNN Local Edition, Cable Channel 57,


will be broadcasting a brief five minute interview during the month of October, CLICK HERE to view the schedule in Adobe PDF Format.  Most broadcast times are in the early morning hours, so set your VCR!  Please call me with you comments and feedback!

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Committee to Elect

Spence F. Burton

FPPC #: 1283562

P. O. Box 5522

Petaluma, CA 94955-5522


Phone: 707-763-9082

E-mail: ElectSpence@spenceburton.org

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Committee to Elect Spence F. Burton
FPPC#: 1283562
P. O. Box 5522
Petaluma, CA 94955-5522

Nov. 7th